So, I recently discovered this part of the city and Dear god am I surprised! I’m just so stoked about it because when I searched about the blogs on places to eat in Vikaspuri, nothing much showed up. And I’ll be damned if I take this food hub for granted. First of all, it should be called Momo hub of the city because there are just so many amazing shops that serve unique and lip-smacking momo at surprisingly low prices. And are you even a true Delhite if you don’t like Momo? The places that I’m going to write about are all very affordable and worth trying at least once if you’re a foodie at heart.

Vikaspuri cafes and food

Social Foodie Inside

This little cafe in Vikaspuri is serving all sorts of unique dishes. Have you ever heard of chocolate gol gappe? or maybe strawberry Gol gappe? Well, they got them! I also tried their Shehensha burger which was as desi as it could get. If I were you I’d definitely give it a try

social foodie inside vikaspuri

Baozi Momos

Oh, I’ve died and gone to Momo heaven! They make the best tandoori momo you guys, so crisp yet so soft and juicy. They have crazy yum and unique stuffings like cheese and corn in momo. I’d recommend thier unlimited momo platter that has four luscious flavors in gravy momo and it’s unlimited you guys, that too just @150 pp. Imagine me screaming

baozi momos vikaspuri

Oh Yummy

Oh, I’m head over heels in love with this place. It may have a small outdoor seating area but the food and shakes are just so worth it. They have a little TV screen on which they have a presentation of the dishes going on, you can check out the presentation and decide for yourself what you want to eat

oh yummy vikaspuri

Monica Cafe

You might have heard of this place. This place has become a new sensation in foodie community. They have the softest, fluffiest yet flaky bhature with generous paneer stuffing and chole to die for. This is all I’m going to say, you can check out the rest when you eat it for yourself.

monica cafe vikaspuri

Momos King

Once you try their Momo, you’ll go gaga over them. Their hot gravy Momo are just too good to be true. A heaven for all momo lovers out there. Talk about steamed, fried, tandoori, gravy momo, they excel in all. Thank me later. ;

momos king vikaspuri

Waffle Street

I think we can all agree that soft & warm waffles are a must when we are out eating! Waffle street would help you put a sweet end to your day. They’ve got crazy variety in waffles and more.

waffle street

Bites And Brew

This cafe is so so so pretty that I won’t mind living there at all. Perfect for dinner with your bae even! It’s all white and emerald green which makes it look real aesthetic & it’s quite spacious. The food here is really very affordable and yummy. Head to this cafe without thinking twice.

bites n brew vikaspuri

China town

This place is famous for its chinese food and momo. I tried their Paneer Malai momo and I’m in love. TBH, when I first laid my eyes on the momo, I was a bit disappointed but when I had that first bite, HALLELUJAH!!!! The best stuffing ever with the softest wrapper!

china town vikaspuri

Amritsari Kulcha Corner

We delhiites love our North Indian Food, Isn’t that right?Other than Baljeet’s, I can only guarantee the best taste here in Delhi, their kulchas are as delicious as they could get and it’s a must-try for all foodies. And guess what, they have cheese kulchas too.

aamritsari kulcha vikaspuri


This place offers quick bites and drinks for y’all. They have amazing pizzas, burgers and cheeza. The prices are pretty fine too.

madoz vikaspuri

Momo Express

This place is adjacent to China town and they are famous for thier momo. I tried thier kurkure momo and they were really amazing. I mean you just can’t go wrong with any of these places.

momo express vikaspuri

Pudding & Pie

This is a cute bakery which offers beautiful & unique cakes made with perfection, literally. They have incredible cupcakes, tarts, pastries and much more. Perfect for that small sweet craving.

pudding & pie vikaspuri

Finally, concluding this article by saying, that it wouldn’t be so bad to spend a day in Vikaspuri and eat your heart out, actually it would be easy on your pocket and yummy to your taste buds.


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